Best Reward cards in UK for Fashionista Millennials

Fashion brands which are catering to Millennials need to reconsider their fashion styles. Now a day’s millennials are preferring classic and heritage styles. As millennials taste and preferences change quickly. Brands are taking utmost care to redeem their share of customers who are Millennials. It is very well known that Reward Card Schemes are the best customer retention strategy. Every brand from clothing to accessories, beauty to health, bags, and footwears concentrate on throwing out the best. Let’s check what are some best reward cards in UK which lure our Millennials.


Nordstrom Rewards

Nordstrom really knows about loyalty and retaining customers. They are 04 levels with different cardmember benefit. It all depends all upon your spending.

Starting from level 1 you need to spend $1 to $1999, for level 2 $2000 to $ 5000, for level 3 $ 5000 to $9999, and $10000+ for level 4.

Special benefits as per the levels are

Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Per calendar year amount $1 – $1999 $2000 – $4999 $5000 – $9999 $10000+
Anniversary sales pre-shop Yes
VIP reward experiences Yes
Extraordinary Experiences Yes Yes
Holidays points events Yes Yes Yes
Alterations benefits $ 100 $ 200 $300 $400
Personal triple points days 1 2 3 4
Bonus points events Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anniversary sale early access Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 points per dollar Yes Yes Yes Yes

Jeweliqs Rewards

I have never seen any brand following such a unique loyalty scheme. Get the reward for each piece of jewelry that you buy. Usually, we have seen brands giving out rewards for every dollar spent. Call your friend now and tell her about Jeweliqs Rewards and get 5 bonus points. Earning and redemption process is like after earning 10 points earn the free piece of jewelry. This unique scheme is for all the Millennials who look for something new and exciting.


Have you joined the H&M club yet? If not then go and get 10% off when you join. Get unlimited free delivery. You will definitely get points on any purchases. Get offers and discounts on H&M shopping. You are going to be a privileged customer as you will get access to H&M events.

Collect £1 = 1p for shopping your styles.


Liberty London loyalty

Joining Liberty London loyalty scheme and get a 10% discount for your 1st purchase. All the member are eligible to get 1 point for every £1. Liberty London will send you vouchers every six months. All the points accumulated every six months can be redeemed twice a year in April and October. Receive £5 voucher for spending £150, £10 voucher for spending £250, the £25 voucher for spending £500 and further £25 for every additional spending of £500. You can redeem vouchers online as well as in store.


Liberty Beauty Loyalty:

Earn 1 beauty point for spending every £1, 150 points will get you £5. Receive quarterly vouchers with the beauty newsletter and redeem you points every March, June, September, and December. You can also enjoy exclusive events and expert tips. Liberty Beauty will treat you on your birthday with a special beauty reward.


You can now download Reward Cards App and save all the above cards in one single app. Get rid of all paper and plastic cards.



5 rewards cards when you shop for your kids.

Kids shopping is a regular task for every doting parent. Parents always think of giving the best to their kids. They want to give it all which they could not get in their Childhood. So usually, it is observed that an adult also loves to relive their childhood with their kids. Parents enjoy the discovery and growth of their baby from being a toddler to teen. Saving while shopping is an age-old tradition followed by all in the globe. It’s like a mental habit or a pattern. So, we want to share you some rewards cards which you need to know when you shop for kids.


TheWorks Together Rewards

Get all your stuff for your child from school stationery, hobby class, toys & games, Art & Craft etc. Theworks have their loyalty program named as Together Rewards. They proudly give 05 points for every £1 spent by you. You will also get the benefits of exclusive offers, bonus points and exclusive gifs for members only. You must register yourself for Together Rewards to receive Reward Vouchers for every 03 months. The part is to get promotions and points for shopping. Get the credit of triple points when you shop over £10. Collect points in store and online. Keep checking their website for online offers.

Disney movie rewards

Disney Movie Rewards:

Good movies are the most mind refreshing from a hectic schedule. We all love to get into the fantasy world created by Disney. Now enjoy Disney movie rewards by signing up with them. You can earn points and get special offers, exciting rewards. You need to just buy the Disney movies or a theatre ticket. Get rewards on Disney Apparels, Blu-rays & DVDs, Books & music, Toys & games etc.


Game Reward:

To all the Game overs, you can now enjoy rewards for every game that you buy. Sign up for free with Game Rewards and keep collecting the points to get more benefits for future purchases. You can also join the Game ELITE to get additional offers. All you need to do is sign up for free with Game Reward. You will start receiving points for purchases above £1. You will not the same for spending on gift vouchers. It will take 24 hours of time to get the points to be credited in your account.     Receive £0.25 on every £1 that you spend. Redeem your points for purchases of Game online or at the store. The minimum redemption is 400 points.


Russell & Bromley Loyalty:

Surprise your kids with this unique pair of Luxurious children shoes. Get 1 point for every £1 you spend for shopping at Russell & Bromley . These loyalty points later will be converted to rewards. For Eg: Spend £200 and get 200 Loyalty points with a Reward of £20. Spend £300 and get 300 points with a reward £15. Spend £400 and get 400 points with £20. £500 get 500 points and spend and get £25. Additionally, get the benefits to know the sale dates, new season launches, special offers, and promotions.


Harrods Rewards:

Harrods give a wide range of products which can be shopped for kids. From Bay travel products like prams and changing bags to clothing, toys, accessories, shoes, and gifting. You will earn shopping points as soon as you shop at Harrods. Join Mini Harrods which is a special members club for children up to 10 years of age and their parents. Unlock special offers, treats, and benefits. Harrods invites you to join the adventures of their special character Oska-Poska the book-loving bear and friends. Fill their online form for your child’s membership and enjoy all the fun activities. Every single child who has joined the membership will receive a welcome pack from the Rewards station on the Third floor in the store.

Earn 1 point for every £1 spent on reaching higher levels of membership. Points will be converted to cash and transferred to your reward accounts each year in the month of February. For every 500 points you have earned you will get £5 in store. Get 2 points for every £1 spent between £5000 and £9999 each year and 3 points for spending above £10000 and more.


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Uk’s Loyalty Cards Market.

Uk’s Loyalty Cards Market.

Loyalty cards under loyalty Schemes
Loyalty cards under loyalty Schemes

Loyalty Cards market in the UK is the most symbolic in the world. You will notice that major chains in the Uk are running some reward scheme. If we are talking about the flourished market of loyalty in the UK we need to know its origin. Gary Wilson started the first loyalty cards scheme in 1981 known as passcard.  Passcard was later famous as Passkey. We can say Sainsbury’s are the first major chain who endorsed a loyalty card system known as Homebase Spend and save Card.

In a larger scenario major supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrison’s loyalty cards are very familiar with supermarket shopping. Use your Nectar points for money off supermarket shopping. Tesco Clubcard is not much appreciated as it does not have value for money.

Boots UK Launched its loyalty card in 1997. Boots have a largest smart card retail loyalty card scheme in the world and also the third largest loyalty scheme in the UK. With 16.4 million users using the card online in store and with third-party retailers Boots is holding a lion’s share in the loyalty market of UK.

In 1997, Ladbrokes launched Odds ON! Loyalty programme known as the first ever betting loyalty scheme in Europe. You can earn points on each bet and later redeem it for more jokers and bets. You can exchange your points to get bonuses gifts and prizes.

Another Giant Best Buy in the UK was launched in 2010 with its Customer engagement programme names as My Best Buy. This programme was described as “a tiered, digital loyalty and customer engagement program that is designed to build a lifelong relationship with the customer by providing a personalized experience through which they can manage their digital technology needs”. My BestBuy was closed on February 29.

As we are facing the crucial climate change, The Ice Organisation launched in 2010 rewards its customers for shopping in a sustainable way. Their Mission is to promote goods and services which eases the effects of climate change.

British Airways has the most famous flight related loyalty programme in the UK. British Airways have the privilege of winning the trust of over 2.2 million members. They awarded Airmiles to the users for flying with them every time.  hence British Airways faced customer disappointment when Air Miles was converted to Avios. as members needed to pay additional taxes while redemptions. A few years later the soft scheme now allowed more redemption options such as for car hire.

Few Bigger names have a credit card like Marks and Spencers and the John Lewis. The consumer gets the benefits of credit vouchers and loyalty cards. HMV’s reward card system allows the user to claim their rewards and also discounts in store.

The rise in digitalization UK is now emerging with many Loyalty card apps. Reward Cards App is one such app where you can place all your loyalty card, club card, store card, advantage card, reward cards at one single place. Loosen your wallet with all your supermarket cards and download one in all app. No need to use multiple loyalty apps for a retail brand.

4 Loyalty Cards That Will Save Your Student Life

London; what a beautiful city. A city filled with history all around you, from architecture to art galleries. London has been home to many and is known for its multicultural environment. A lot of that comes from the various universities it is a host to. All these different universities bring in people from around the world seeking a degree from the best colleges in their field. Universities like London School of Economics, Central Saint Martins, Middlesex University, Brunel University, University of Westminster and a lot more home many International students. But what is it like to be a student in London?

University life is one of the most key and fun part of everyone’s life. It is something that no one ever forgets and always wishes to go back to. But it can be just as hard. As astonishing as London is, it is also very expensive for a student to live in. The tuition fee is already a debt on our shoulder and top that with rent and other bills that come with our new-found independent days. It can get hard to have fun when you must crunch on the money. But, the city store owners have got you covered.

Loyalty Cards are a big part of the shopping culture and in this article, we are going to list 4 reward cards that will save your student life.

1. Cass Art Reward Card

Student life as an artist is just a level higher when it comes to expenditure. If you are an art student, then you not only are struggling to pay for all the bills and keep with a fun social life, but you are also trying to save up for all those fancy art supplies you need to make your art work. Although there are cheap alternatives to every art supply we need, it is still not cheap enough and never just as satisfying. But if you become a reward card holder with Cass Art then you need not worry.

Cass Art is one of the best art supply stores in the city, with a range of art supplies that will make a stationary fanatic feel like they are in heaven. As exhilarating as it is, it can be equally expensive to enjoy the treats of it. Though you are lucky enough to get something that many before you couldn’t. With the new Cass Art Reward Card, you have the opportunity to win back something extra for all that you spend in there.

For every £100 you spend win a reward of £10. You will receive offers that are hand-crafted for you. You also gain entries to exclusive events on behalf of Cass Art. And the best one, you get 10% off your first shop after registering your card. If these are not reasoning enough to be a loyalty card holder of Cass Art, then what is?

2. Topshop Loyalty Card

Fashion is constantly growing and transforming and being the youth, we love to show off our style. Regardless of whether our style is casual or fancy or formal, Topshop has it all. Topshop has won the hearts of many with its wide and exciting range of products in attire, but they are here with their loyalty card to make your shopping days better.

Under the Topshop reward card scheme, you can shop and not feel guilty for spending too much, because the more you spend the more points you gain. These points will in future help you in your big spending and bring in many treats. If it is your birthday, be ready for surprises. If it is the first week of Topshop Summer and Christmas Sales, receive an extra 10% off on in-store shopping. Get free standard UK delivery twice a year if you are a Topshop loyalty card holder. This and a lot more awaits you.

Now, if you are a student or not, these deals are something that is to not be missed. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, quickly register yourself.

3. Nando’s Loyalty Card

Who is not a foodie these days? Food has always been such a big part of our social culture all along. Meeting up friends for lunch and dinner is something that has always been part of our sweet memories. One of the upcoming food chains in London amongst the youth is Nando’s. And guess what? Nando’s has a loyalty card too. That’s right, now you can make the most of your every Nando’s trip. For every £7 or more you spend on your meal you earn a Chilli, a.k.a. point in the mundane world. And if you register your loyalty card online or app, you’ll win a bonus Chilli.

With time, as you go on earning your Chillies you win the chance for various rewards like the green reward (3 Chillies) can buy you ¼ chicken or a fire-starter, the orange reward (5 Chillies) can buy you ½ chicken or any single wrap, burger or pita and the red reward (10 Chillies) can buy a whole chicken with it or a single combo with regular sides. The upside is, if you claim the green or orange reward, you do not reset to 0, you keep going. Once you have claimed your red reward, you reset and start the Chilli Wheel again, yes, that is what it is called. So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting those Chillies. And here is a pro-tip, if you bill separately, you have the chance to earn more Chillies as a group as you can only earn one Chilli per bill.

4. Waterstones Student Plus Card

Now if you have a guilty pleasure like me where you can’t help but buy those amazing books, if you are in love with the smell of new and old books in your room and absolutely love to read with a coffee, then this is the reward card for you. Waterstones has a regular reward card called the Waterstones Plus and Waterstones Student Plus, especially for students. The Waterstones Student Plus gives you an extra 5% off all purchases. Now that is a student deal to jump on!

For every £10 you spend at Waterstones, in-store or online, you will earn a Plus Stamp. And for every 10 Plus Stamps you collect, you add £10 to your Plus balance. That is, you get £10 off for every £100 you spend. But what is more exciting is all the added features to their reward scheme. You will be on the priority list of Waterstones for all those signed and limited-edition books, access to prize draws, discounted tickets to events and the chance to buy advance copies of new releases. Isn’t that exciting? So, what are you still waiting for?

Seriously, what are you still doing here? Go on and register yourself with all these mentioned reward cards to make your student life a little extra fun and care-free, just like how it is meant to be. To make it easier, download the Reward Cards App to keep all your loyalty cards in one virtual space and organized. This way, you do not miss out on any new updates or deals. You can learn about more reward cards and about the Reward Cards App to make your shopping life easier on our previous blogs.

Loyalty cards and loyalty schemes-why are they so popular ?

What makes loyalty cards so popular among the masses? We give you a few good reasons.

Living in the UK, it’s obvious that you must be having quite a few loyalty cards or at least been offered to own a few. Loyal customers are offered with various loyalty schemes by most of the brands to make sure that their customers return to their store. We all love to be pampered and it’s certain when our favorite restaurant, supermarket or the cafe that you frequent so much( read spend so much) gives us freebies, vouchers or loyalty points for shopping, we are going to return for more. This gesture of valuing a customer urges us to continue our purchases with the same franchise.

Here are the main reasons why people love to join loyalty schemes and why you should join one soon if you haven’t yet. And if you are a business, get your customers into a loyalty scheme!


Loyalty cards under loyalty Schemes
Loyalty cards under loyalty Schemes

Get paid in loyalty points :

Obviously, this is one of the main reasons people invest in Loyalty cards. Loyalty points make us feel like we got something in return for our spending on shopping at a store or eating and drinking at a cafe or a restaurant. Especially the ones we know get a good amount of business because of our frequent trips.  As an avid shopper, we know the benefits of loyalty points and always keep a track of our points. If you ask me, the first thing I used to do when paying for my huge shopping haul, was to ask for my reward points. Of course, that changed when I downloaded the best app for Reward Cards cause it let me track my points on my phone and also keep all my loyalty cards in one place. Brands understand this engagement and hence try to retain their customers by bringing in new ways of earning loyalty points which keep the customers bound to the brand. This shop – reward method to increase loyal costumers is a win-win situation for the vendors and the buyers.

Get Birthday freebies and surprise benefits.

Who doesn’t like being pampered on their birthday with some freebies? In fact, Debenhams beauty cardholder, get a  free facial and brow wax. Sometimes, Loyalty scheme extends this special treatment to the entire Birthday Month. Now we do know that the birthday wish and discount coupons are computer generated, but it nevertheless makes us feel an emotional connection to the brand. Moreover, if we turn up for the free facial or discounts, we end up shopping more, making money for the store while we are happy about our exclusive discounts. The chances of us shopping there again increases due to the combined enticements of loyalty points and the freebies.

Collected reward points help you to buy something big in the future.

This is the biggest and beneficial point when we shop. Save up those juicy reward points to  We are slowly earning points which we can use to buy something big in the future. The number of points we have on our loyalty card is deducted out of our bill. This essentially saves us money. So we just need to pay the partial amount and in return, we get the complete product.

A customer actually becomes loyal to a brand.

Once when we have a loyalty card of a brand, we are definitely going to return back to shop again. We can see the special added advantages given to the loyalty members. Sometimes we buy even if there no offers. In this case, we still buy because we are at least collecting reward points.

Access to products before they are available to the general public.

What else do you want when there’s a long line to buy a product and you get access to those products just because you are the loyal customer. If stocks are limited and exclusive, the club card owner is given preference. This deepens the already cultivated relationship between the brand and the customer.

Customers love the Special treatment.

Another quick, innocent little ego boost is the designation that the Loyalty scheme gives us. They make us a gold member, platinum member or a VIP member. The brand makes us feel premium for being a platinum card holder. We know that the brand is acknowledging us by giving us new offers accordingly. The much-deserved special treatment is all in return for our loyalty.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by to your favorite stores and food joints to check out their loyalty cards and schemes.

Once you are all ready with your multiple cards, its time to declutter your wallet. Download Reward Cards App to scan all your loyalty cards in your smartphone and keep a track of your reward points. You not only avoid multiple plastic cards adding weight to your wallet but also clear some storage in your phone. 

The Reward Cards App has a range of loyalty cards to choose from. If you don’t find your loyalty card, you can easily add it on by scanning it in. Typing out your card number is also possible. This way, you don’t miss out on any exciting deals by your favorite stores are a loyalty card holder. Happy shopping!


Tesco Clubcard loyalty schemes for Loyal Customers.

Tesco Clubcard loyalty schemes for Loyal Customers.

We can say that Tesco Clubcard is always one of the choices in Supermarket loyalty cards. Serving for more than 20 years Tesco has gained the trust of their loyal customers with Tesco Clubcard. It’s a great milestone to achieve 17 million users trust and loyalty. I am sure there must be something right?

The Clubcard scheme serves in United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and several countries. With the winning heart of citizens, they are also trying to give the best and flexible offers with their Club cards.

Tesco Loyalty Card
Most Favorite Club card.

Benefits of Tesco Club Cards

As we all know Clubcard points are earned upon spending an amount on purchases. You get one point for £1. Get the benefit of one point for spending £2 on fuel. Loyal customers get the extra point when they run the special offers. Keep watching for their emails for getting additional vouchers and benefits. You have a time of 21 months to use these points from the date you have earned.

Usually, you get your statement for every three months, but with reference to the latest update, you can spin your points to voucher within 24 hours. This new service from Tesco Clubcard is known as “Fast Vouchers”. You will need to login Clubcard Account either online their App. Select ‘Request Vouchers’ to turn your points into vouchers. But, you need to have a minimum of 150 points to appeal a Fast Voucher.

How to boost Tesco Points.

Currently, Tesco is giving an extra point for the spending of every £4 until 31 December 2018, this way you will get 5 times more points than usual. Start using your Tesco Clubcard at Tesco partners. Use it online, at a pump station,

Tesco Bank: Collect single point for every £4 of routine payments and overpayments.


Tesco mobile: Customers can collect one point for every Tesco mobile £1 spent on top upas and monthly bills. Register for Tesco Mobile to start receiving points.

Tesco mobile
Register yourself for Tesco mobile and start earning the points.


Tesco Direct, Tesco International Calling, Tesco opticians, Tesco Photo, Tesco Views, Tesco Wine, Esso Fuelling stations, Shopper Thoughts. Get three times more points while spending in the majority of Tesco Partners.

You can download our Reward Cards App and scan your Tesco Clubcard to enjoy all the point benefits at anyplace anytime.


Loyalty schemes for Food Cafe and Cinema Lovers

Save cash on reward programs by your favorite fast food chains

Food Cafes and Cinema are always a great combo for enjoying your weekends out of your routine. Brands have always loved their loyal customers and hence they have always rewarded them for their loyalty. Regular movie lovers and foodies should check out for this list of Loyalty Apps which will help them save extra cash. With this new age of digitalization, you need to keep of the Apps which help in smooth working.

Let’s check out the best of loyalty Apps for food cafe and cinemas.

KFC loyalty club

KFC Card:

To all the chicken lovers who love KFC’s special recipe, which keeps you drooling get extra benefits by joining their loyalty scheme.Yes, you heard it right, Register yourself for the Colonel’s Club and start collecting chicken stamps. So here’s the deal you get three stamps immediately on entering the Colonels Club. You get one point on spending £3 on food and drinks. You can get a maximum of two points for each day. Once you gather Seven stamps you will bag a free snack and eleven stamps get you a £5 discount on KFC meal.

Greggs Rewards:

Be a member of the UK’s favorite bakery chain reward programs and get free hot drinks, treats, and surprises when you give a visit to them. Be ready to get a goodie for your birthday. Participate in their monthly draw and get a chance to win £50. Make sure you use our All in one Loyalty App Reward Cards App to get the benefit of free breakfast which is only given when you use your smartphone.


Burger King Rewards

It can be considered as a quick snack or meal depending upon your choice. Join the Burger King reward scheme and get 50 BK Crowns, Which is equal to get a whopper, Sandwich or something more. Receive special coupons on every purchase. Earn your BK crowns on your regular purchases and later you can redeem to get free food from Burger King. You can redeem 25 BK crowns for small beverage, 50 BK crowns for any menu item and 75 BK crowns for any small meals.

Odeon Premiere club

Get 10 points on every pound spent at Odeon Cinema or online. These points can be used on tickets, drinks, and snacks. Odeon Premiere Club is affordable as compared to other cinema membership schemes. You will earn 100, 500 or 1000 points for joining the membership. It completely depends on which package you choose.

Panera Bread

Sign Up for MyPanera card to get the benefits of this bakery joint. Track your purchases and rewards and earn free bakery-cafe items. Get a free bakery item when you sign up for their Reward Program scheme.

Download our All in one App Reward Cards App and scan all the above loyalty programmes cards into our app for smooth checkout at all these outlets. Save your phone memory from multiple brand loyalty apps and declutter your wallets with loyalty plastic cards.


Why you need to visit Sainsbury’s this Weekend

Sainsbury’s are the second largest Supermarket and one of the best supermarkets in the UK. Most commonly people have “Shopping Sainsbury groceries” on their to-do list. It’s easier when you can shop at Sainsbury’s online. So, let’s get to know what’s going on with Sainsbury’s nowadays.

Sainsbury's Supermarket

School Shopping at Sainsbury’s

Its Summer in UK and Schools are just about to open. Are you ready with everything for your school? Did you shop for your school uniform yet? If not hurry, Sainsbury’s are giving 25% off on TU clothing School Uniforms and various other important school supplies for your new term. The vast range includes from Polos, shirts & blouses, dresses & pinafores, trousers, Sportswear & PE kits to Jumpers and cardigans, shoes to bags and stationeries.  Don’t forget to use your Nectar card and make sure you do not miss this sale which is till 20th August.

Shop at Sainsbury’s without passing through checkout counters.

You must know that your favorite supermarket has come up with this new technology where they are giving their customers to try an advanced technique of shopping without checkout. Shopper can now avoid the checkout queue by simply using their smartphone. Sainsbury’s new technology is creating the amaze waves among the shopper as they have to just shop scan and pay. No more lining up at checkout counters. Just scan your shopping and pay through the Smartshop App and Apple pay inside the shop itself. Enjoy effortless shopping. Sainsbury is finally counting on the feedback from Clapham branch, If its positive maybe it will be rolled out in other branches as well.

Clodagh Moriarty, said, “Technology and changing customer shopping habits have transformed the way people buy their groceries. “Our teams are constantly working hard to bring new convenient shopping experiences to customers, and we’re delighted to be the first grocery retailer in the UK to offer customers the ability to shop checkout-free.

Sainsburys Supermarket

Sainsbury’s and Morrisons WhatsApp Scam

Shoppers are receiving fake WhatsApp messages offering 150. These messages include a link which gathers a user’s email address, residential address, contact no in exchange of gift. Upon completion of a survey, they are asking to spread the link among their contacts. Authority at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have claimed these messages to be a hoax.

Products Recall from Sainsbury’s

Busy shoppers miss the products recall notice which indeed should be taken care of at most urgent basis. Recently Sainsbury’s have taken food and drink items of shelves due to incorrect labeling and health risk of people covering allergy issues. EH-Booth Sandwiches, Cake Zones Muffins, lo-col cheese, Co-op hoisin noodles box, granulated sugar, Sainsbury’s breakfast biscuits, Asco Dee Thai Crispy Rolls- Durian Flavour, Tropicana Multivitamins Juice, Quorn Gluten Free Burgers. For more info on each product click here.

You can always use the Reward Cards App while shopping at Sainsburys and Morrisons. This will help you to get a smooth checkout.



5 shopping apps that save money while you shop

I cannot think of a person who does not like to get extra benefits while shopping. Nowadays many retailers apply various ideas to retain their customers at their store. They offer sale, Freebies, points cash back etc. There are also a few shopping apps which are very beneficial if you have a habit to save while shop.

Voucher codes:

A human mind is always ready to get free stuff from anywhere or at least discounts and vouchers where they can save their hard-earned money. Money saving apps with vouchers on shopping, eating, travel discounts, and spot local deals are big savers than we actually think. Imagine saving 5% to 10% for each shopping, eating, travel, movies etc. And then finally think how much you saved on a weekend outing. You will be surprised by the answer. You can always download this shopping app to have happy savings.

 Cartwheel by Target:

An essential for anyone who shops at Target, the Cartwheel app features a constantly updated list of the retailer’s latest discounts and deals. Just add the offers to the Cartwheel app, go shopping, and get your phone scanned at the store checkout to pile up the savings.

Shopkick Shopping App

Shopkick shopping app:

Shopkick is a shopping app created for smartphones and tablets. Users are gifted points known as KICKS, eventually, you can exchange these KICKS for mobile gift cards. KICKS can be redeemed at Target, Walmart and Starbucks and also donations to charities such as Feeding America and American Red Cross. Shopkicks latest version is named as Shopkick grocery and it included features like kicks for receipt, shopping lists, and recipes. Shopkick has 04 stars on Apple Store, with reviews for earning extra cash, as well as treasure hunt aspect of the app as it makes all fun in the shopping.

Loyalty Card App
Best Loyalty App in UK

Reward Cards App:

This app will always remind you of the points which you save whenever you shop eat or buy anything. This app is the best when you have multiple retailers reward cards. You just need to scan here and keep a track of your points. These points can be redeemed when you shop for something big or just can set it any offer to get the benefits of points.

 My supermarket App:

Create your own shopping list and tick off when you move around the aisles. But this app also keeps the prices of the products in various supermarkets. You can compare the prices of the products.




Download latest version of Reward Cards App.

Reward Cards App Features List:

A tech-savvy generation who needs everything to be quick and simple needs Reward Cards App.

You need to scan all your loyalty cards app in One single digital App which will save your purse clutter. Instead of using multiple brand loyalty apps use Reward Cards App which will save you mobile storage as well.



Our list of features which can be useful to you when you download our app.

  •       Store any loyalty card with Barcode, QR code or only number
  •       Choice of thousands of card providers.
  •       Add your provider if not in a list.
  •       Store original card pictures (front and back) for your reference.
  •       Add notes/comment about a card.
  •       Tag card. Give it your name. For example, Gold, Silver. or 2 cards from the same provider then give some name.
  •       Option to log in using Facebook, Google + or email address.
  •       Automatic cards back up to a server if you are logged in
  •       Automatic synchronization among multiple devices with the same login id.
  •       See card stamp/points from an affiliated provider.
  •       Invite friends to the app
  •       Option to rate the app.

Types of cards which can be scanned in Reward Cards App.

Reward Cards, Store Cards, Loyalty Cards, Club cards, Library Cards, Membership Cards, Stamp Card, Bonus Card, Advantage Card.