Why you need to visit Sainsbury’s this Weekend

Sainsbury’s are the second largest Supermarket in the UK. Most commonly people have “Shopping Sainsbury groceries” on their to-do list. It’s easier when you can shop at Sainsbury’s online. So, let’s get to know what’s going on with Sainsbury’s nowadays.

Sainsbury's Supermarket

School Shopping at Sainsbury’s

Its Summer in UK and Schools are just about to open. Are you ready with everything for your school? Did you shop for your school uniform yet? If not hurry, Sainsbury’s are giving 25% on TU clothing School Uniforms and various other important school supplies for your new term. The vast range includes from Polos, shirts & blouses, dresses & pinafores, trousers, Sportswear & PE kits to Jumpers and cardigans, shoes to bags and stationeries.  Don’t forget to use your Nectar card and make sure you do not miss this sale which is till 20th August.

Shop at Sainsbury’s without passing through checkout counters.

You must know that your favorite supermarket has come up with this new technology where they are giving their customers to try an advanced technique of shopping without checkout. Shopper can now avoid the checkout queue by simply using their smartphone. Sainsbury’s new technology is creating the amaze waves among the shopper as they have to just shop scan and pay. No more lining up at checkout counters. Just scan your shopping and pay through the Smartshop App and Apple pay inside the shop itself. Enjoy effortless shopping. Sainsbury is finally counting on the feedback from Clapham branch, If its positive maybe it will be rolled out in other branches as well.

Clodagh Moriarty, said, “Technology and changing customer shopping habits have transformed the way people buy their groceries. “Our teams are constantly working hard to bring new convenient shopping experiences to customers, and we’re delighted to be the first grocery retailer in the UK to offer customers the ability to shop checkout-free.

Sainsburys Supermarket

Sainsbury’s and Morrisons WhatsApp Scam

Shoppers are receiving fake WhatsApp messages offering 150. These messages include a link which gathers a user’s email address, residential address, contact no in exchange of gift. Upon completion of a survey, they are asking to spread the link among their contacts. Authority at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have claimed these messages to be a hoax.

Products Recall from Sainsbury’s

Busy shoppers miss the products recall notice which indeed should be taken care of at most urgent basis. Recently Sainsbury’s have taken food and drink items of shelves due to incorrect labeling and health risk of people covering allergy issues. EH-Booth Sandwiches, Cake Zones Muffins, lo-col cheese, Co-op hoisin noodles box, granulated sugar, Sainsbury’s breakfast biscuits, Asco Dee Thai Crispy Rolls- Durian Flavour, Tropicana Multivitamins Juice, Quorn Gluten Free Burgers. For more info on each product click here.

You can always use the Reward Cards App while shopping at Sainsburys and Morrisons. This will help you to get a smooth checkout.



Must have shopping Apps which help you in savings!!

I cannot think of a person who does not like to get extra benefits while shopping. Nowadays many retailers apply various ideas to get the customers to their store. They offer sale, Freebies, points cash back etc. There are also a few shopping apps which are very beneficial if you have a habit to save while shop.

Voucher codes:

A human mind is always ready to get free stuff from anywhere or at least discounts and vouchers where they can save their hard-earned money. Money saving apps with vouchers on shopping, eating, travel discounts, and spot local deals are big savers than we actually think. Imagine saving 5% to 10% for each shopping, eating, travel, movies etc. And then finally think how much you saved on a weekend outing. You will be surprised by the answer. You can always download this app to have happy savings.

 Cartwheel by Target:

An essential for anyone who shops at Target, the Cartwheel app features a constantly updated list of the retailer’s latest discounts and deals. Just add the offers to the Cartwheel app, go shopping, and get your phone scanned at the store checkout to pile up the savings.

Shopkick Shopping App

Shopkick shopping app:

Shopkick is just like another app which loves to reward its loyal users for valid shopping. You can bring gift cards by exchanging rewards points. While shoppers might get 150 to 200 kicks for making a purchase, they can also earn, say, 25 kicks by walking into a store, 80 kicks for scanning a product barcode, 65 kicks for watching an online ad, and one kick simply for visiting the website of a retailer like Apple, Jet.com, or Groupon. Just bear in mind you need a lot of kicks to see a worthwhile payout: For example, 2,500 kicks can be traded in for a $10 gift card.


Loyalty Card App
Best Loyalty App in UK

Reward Cards App:

This app will always remind you of the points which you save whenever you shop eat or buy anything. This app is the best when you have multiple retailers reward cards. You just need to scan here and keep a track of your points. These points can be redeemed when you shop for something big or just can set it any offer to get the benefits of points.

 My supermarket App:

Create your own shopping list and tick off when you move around the aisles. But this app also keeps the prices of the products in various supermarkets. You can compare the prices of the products.




Download latest version of Reward Cards App.

Reward Cards App Features List:

A tech-savvy generation who needs everything to be quick and simple needs Reward Cards App.

You need to scan all your loyalty cards app in One single digital App which will save your purse clutter. Instead of using multiple brand loyalty apps use Reward Cards App which will save you mobile storage as well.



Our list of features which can be useful to you when you download our app.

  •       Store any loyalty card with Barcode, QR code or only number
  •       Choice of thousands of card providers.
  •       Add your provider if not in a list.
  •       Store original card pictures (front and back) for your reference.
  •       Add notes/comment about a card.
  •       Tag card. Give it your name. For example, Gold, Silver. or 2 cards from the same provider then give some name.
  •       Option to log in using Facebook, Google + or email address.
  •       Automatic cards back up to a server if you are logged in
  •       Automatic synchronization among multiple devices with the same login id.
  •       See card stamp/points from an affiliated provider.
  •       Invite friends to the app
  •       Option to rate the app.

Types of cards which can be scanned in Reward Cards App.

Reward Cards, Store Cards, Loyalty Cards, Club cards, Library Cards, Membership Cards, Stamp Card, Bonus Card, Advantage Card.


Know Your Nectar here and get additional benefits with its Loyalty Card.

What is Nectar?

Simply put, Nectar is one of the largest Loyalty card schemes in the UK. Launched in 2002, it initially covered just 4 partner companies- Sainsbury, BP, Barclaycard, and Debenhams. It was a combination of the loyalty schemes of all 4 companies(except Debenhams which had no loyalty card scheme back then).  For a club card with such a humble beginning, it now boasts of 500 brands and over 16.8million users and covers everything from food, travel, fuel, retail, newspapers and more! Although the ownership of Nectar did change a few hands, Sainsbury acquired it in 2018 for a whopping £60 million. Sainsbury has since been trying out new Nectar point earning scheme which considers user’s loyalty (as in how long he/she has owned the Nectar Club card for) and frequency of visits rather than the amount spent. This experiment means that your ‘loyalty’ towards the brand, indeed, is the only factor that matters. A pretty good idea for a loyalty scheme, isn’t it? This scheme launched in April 2018 is currently limited to stores of Isle of Wight.

Nectar Loyalty Card
Nectar Reward Card

Why Nectar?

Although the point-to-pound spent loyalty card scheme is an enticing factor for its userbase, the main reason for Their success is the number of brands and industries it covers. A Nectar club card can get you points for air miles, train rides, filling fuel, buying groceries, purchasing newspapers, making calls, send couriers, shopping for a computer or even just munching on Pizza. See how one single loyalty card helps you earn loyalty points for almost every pound you spend?  Moreover, Nectar gives you weekly updates on offers that are tailored to your specific shopping pattern which means you get even more value for your money.

So if you in the UK, get a Nectar card for sure! Also, don’t worry about adding one more plastic loyalty card into your wallet, scan your card into our Reward Cards app and store it there without any hassle of a bulky wallet. You get to see your loyalty points and offers all in one place.

Best Way to spend Nectar Points:

So the most commonly asked question regarding Nectar points is what is the best way to spend it. We can give some of the best ways.

Always start with Sainsbury’s, eBay, Expedia, Train Tickets.

There are many shops included like House of Fraser 4 points for £1, Apple gives you 5 points for £1,  Get 2 points when you shop at Toys R Us. Treat your kids at Disney Store and get 2 points per £1. If you have any more ways pls comment below with suggestions.

Nectar Loyalty points:

With Nectar’s Free loyalty program, you get points when you buy from their partners. You can spend these points in any way you choose, be it hotel reservations on Expedia or some home electronics in Currys or maybe that latest iPhone.

It is quite simple to register your card. https://www.nectar.com/login

Register your card here and start availing points and offers as you shop! Download our Loyalty cards app to keep all your club cards in one place.


UK’s best Beauty and Health Club Cards now in your mobile phone

Find out which club cards give you the best offers and reward point. Get a free birthday gift or a free facial every time you shop!

Beauty and health are two things that no one wants to compromise on. We don’t look for knockoffs or entertain substandard products on anything that touches our body. So most of us do end up spending a substantial amount on keeping ourselves healthy and beautiful. Hence in the UK alone, the market for beauty and health is estimated to touch a whopping 15 billion euros in 2018! It is also one of the most competitive markets with lucrative products being released by top brand every season which again fuels our reason to shop!

But what if we reap tiny little benefits for the thousands we spend at health stores? How about getting your skin all prepped on your birthday by your favorite beauty store and that too for free? Get treats like these and more for being loyal to your brand by using their club cards! We have curated topmost beauty and health club cards for the UK netizens to pamper themselves with. But before you roll your eyes worrying about how you are going to fit it into your already bulky wallet, we are here with the solution- get our free Reward Cards app, scan these cards in and then never worry about losing your club card or missing out on reward points!

So here we go, simple savings for guilt-free shopping.

Get the best beauty product offers

Debenhams Beauty Club Card

For all beauty shoppers who binge shop at Debenhams, I am telling you, get their club card! Debenhams offers one of the best reward programs there is and they are quite simple and straightforward with their schemes. For starters, if you are a new member, you can collect joining bonuses at the counter. You earn a generous 3 points for spending £1 on beauty, fragrance, beauty services & Beauty electricals. For every 500 points, you get £5. That all you need to know about their reward points.

Your points will convert into rewards every month which you can use to pamper yourself with these rewards online or in store.  Moreover, you can get free samples on a first come – first serve basis at their store every month. They send updates via email which contains their latest products and offers. Beauty addicts usually wait for the Debenhams Discount code and Debenhams promos to get additional benefits. And they pamper you on your birthday! You get a facial by Elizabeth Arden and a free brow wax by Benefit. You just need to carry some proof of date of birth and visit the store within 2 weeks of your birthday. Last but not the least, your monthly statement has your code for free shipping of your next purchase! Told you, of all the club cards, you definitely need this one.


Superdrug BeautyCard

Superdrug club card is again one of the must-have loyalty cards from this list. Being a Superdrug member gets you lower prices on your favorite products in both health and beauty department. They have treats on Thursdays for all their members which they send over email. 

Get the option to pay with a mix of cash and loyalty points when you are going to shop for big items. Using points on total bill amount shaves off few pounds on your shopping bill. They also have surprise birthday treats for their members which they reveal only when it is their birthday month( so exciting!!). Superdrug holds special events or mark selected products and give out extra reward points when you shop with them during the offer period. And those lazy days when you just want to stay home and shop online, Superdrug gives their members free home delivery for products over £10. 

Oh yes, filling out surveys held by Superdrug gets you extra reward points!

House of Fraser

House of Frasers’s loyalty scheme uses this concept of Recognition Reward cards. You get 1 point per £1 spent on your shopping and just like Debenhams club card, 500 points is equal to £5. You will need 500 points to get it converted into a voucher. This card also gives you 10 % off on events and various offers like 2 for 1 or passes at £1. You get a  £10 welcome voucher in your first quarterly statement. And yes, you get treated on your birthday with bonus loyalty points.

UK’s best health retailer

Holland & Barrett

Get “Rewards for life card” by Holland & Barrett and get £3  worth of points when you sign up. Earn 4 points for every £1 you spend. Once you reach 50 points you points will get regularly get converted into vouchers. Be the first to know about the exclusive promotions to grab the best of all. Get the most beneficial member-only partnership deals. The club card can get you into exclusive events and product launches too. So scan this one into your Reward Cards app.

Body Shop Gift Set

The Body Shop club card

The £5 “Love your body card” is now free at the body shop. Get 10 points on every £1 and get £5 voucher when you reach £50. But no free birthday treats here, but you do get it for a nominal amount of  £5. Members get invited to special events with access to a preview of their latest collections. 


All the club cards above get you complete value for your buck. So don’t let a stolen or misplaced loyalty card keep you from reaping these benefits. Scan your club card into Reward Cards app and you will never miss your loyalty points again!

7 free productivity apps to supercharge your day

Stay organized with these 7 Apps

Have you ever faced a situation in life where you feel the need to stay organized? The mess has taken all over and you need a manager to handle your stuff and keep things on track? Well, we are all not that lucky to have managers to wake you up, do your fitness regime or even buy grocery for you, order you your favorite food. But I am sure these 07 apps can give you a huge relief for supporting you daily for your morning to night activities. We can track down the apps which will help you to be more organized.



When you decide to begin your morning with some fitness exercises for fitness. You will come across this most downloaded fitness app of UK Strava. The most famous social feature of Strava allows you to share your runs and fitness achievements with other and also you can motivate and congratulate other Strava user on its forum. It’s the simplest to use. For fitness gurus who spend hours in fitness can also get in-depth data of their performance.

Because Fitness is for a healthy lifeline.


Just imagine the moment of a rush when you are in a hurry to reach your workplace. Uber is the best option to help you reach at your destination on time without stress. Uber is safe and reliable. It has updated its safety measures, its cancellation fees and waiting time, you can click here and get an update of this most helpful for a daily commute.

Enjoy Hassle-free services

Onenote App

Onenote app is just not for simples uses it can relieve you from stress if you know its benefits.

Students can organize their notes, sync your notebooks with other devices, A plus point for a student is to use One notes math capabilities, it can calculate logarithms, derivatives, and trigonometric functions as well.

Solve your problems easily

Reward Cards App

This app will be most useful when you are out for your routine grocery shopping. simply scan your reward Cards into this app and de-clutter your wallet. Get some extra space for your wallet. Doesn’t matter if you lose or forget your card if you have Reward Cards App. This app can be used at Subway, Sainsbury, Tesco, Nectar and various other retailers.

Reward Cards App
Best Loyalty card program in the UK

Just Eat

You can’t just go hungry to bed if you have installed this app. It will answer your Hunger pangs without any flurry. With its access over 27000 with a wide reach throughout the UK tells you to FIND YOUR FLAVOUR Here There Everywhere. Ordering food is easy and convenient. Pay with cash or mobile or Apple pay.


Forget your hunger pangs now!

The Mindfulness App.

After a long tiring day, you deserve to relax and have a peaceful good night sleep. This meditation has a 05 day guided meditation practice and reminders just like a manager for you to meditate. The best part of this app which users like is that you can integrate it with other health apps. For more relaxation and more Mindfulness, you can also buy a premium subscription.


Rest Relax and Breathe

Just download these Apps to make you feel as if you have a manager. Make yourselves responsible for making a more organized life with these small apps.



Top 5 reward cards program in UK

If you are a regular shopper you deserve more! Wouldn’t you love some extra discounts, loyalty points or coupons? We live in a time where there are options like Reward Card Programs to get the best out of your love for shopping. There are many awesome reward cards program in the UK, here is our favorite top 5 reward card programs.

Tesco Reward Card Program
Most Favorite Club card.

Tesco Club Card is the most favorite

Originally launched in 1995, with the Tesco Clubcard can earn you points that can in-turn be exchanged for vouchers in store or gain you discounts on a range of products. With every pound, you spend you receive a point and once you reach 150 club card points you start receiving vouchers every three months based on the points you have collected.

With every 4 pounds spent in-store or on Tesco fuel, a customer gets a credit of five points. For added benefits, Tesco also runs a yearly scheme of Clubcard boost that allows you to multiply your points up to four times its value!


Nectar Reward Card Program
Nectar Reward Card

Nectar Reward Cards program in UK is the most common

With more leading retailers like Sainsbury as their partner, Nectar reward cards program are a lot more popular than Tesco within the UK. Used by millions, most common way to earn Nectar points is at Sainsbury’s. Just like Tesco’s Clubcard scheme you can raise your points with every shop of yours at selected retailers.

You can exchange 1000 points worth of 5 pounds for 10 pounds of Merlin attractions voucher for the theme park like Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. With the right credit card, you can boost your Nectar club points. For example; the American Express gives you a whopping 20000 points when you join them as a joining bonus and then you need to spend at least 2000 pounds in first three months.

With offers like such, why not commit to a loyalty card?

Boots Advantage Card

Boots Reward Cards program is most convenient

With every pound spent you earn a reward of 4 points with your Boots reward card. Boots, with its range of cosmetics and healthcare products, give you great offers for your shopping points.

From benefits like Boots store events to vouchers and even a free copy of Boots Health and Wellbeing, all at your doorstep helping you keep your healthy path.

And that’s not all! For all those parents out there with child/children under the age of 3 can join the Boots Parenting Club that comes with great offers. You deserve the treat! With every pound spent on baby products you receive 10 points and some additional gifts to keep you going.

Boots have something special for you senior citizens out there too. For every pound you spend on Boots Branded Products you receive 10 points.

Aren’t these all just magnificent offers? What are you waiting for then? That’s another Clubcard for your wallet!

morissons loyalty card

Morrisons Match & More

Though Morrison’s reward card program does not give in too many offers like the rest, it is still one of the most used loyalty cards in the UK.

It gives its loyal customers 5 points for every pound spent and 10 points for every pound spent on fuel.

Though there isn’t a scheme that lets you exchange those points for leisure activities it is still a great loyalty card for regular shoppers as every 100 points earn you a pound. So why not take the most of this too?

Costa Loyalty Card

Costa Loyalty Card

Adulthood is not all we imagined. There is a lot of groceries, dishes, saving money and coffee. Loads of coffee. The Costa loyalty cards help you with the rest, but the Costa loyalty card program has got your back on your coffee intake.

With Starbucks and Cafe Nerro so close to Costa in the race, Costa has had to keep up its game to hold the dominant hand. Hence, with every pound spent, you receive 5 points. Plus, extra points for all those promotional new beverages. You can go on to redeem these points for food and other merchandises.

This is something that could relieve a lot of pressure from your wallet.


With all these Loyalty Cards in your wallet, make your wallet not only lighter but save a ton of money too. And also, be ready for some exciting treats. Though, they can begin to get a little too much to handle. Hence, we are here to make your life even simpler. Download the Reward Cards App and scan all your loyalty cards into your app. Keep track of your points and offers and get rid of those easily-lost little plastic cards.


Go on. What are you waiting for?

5 must have loyalty cards for a working woman in UK

Scan these five reward cards into your Reward Cards app and make your work life run smoother.

Earn while you spend. Such an appealing thought, isn’t it? This is exactly why loyalty cards or reward cards have turned out to be so popular among customers as well as stores that issue them. Obviously, this means that we need an app like Reward Cards in order to manage all the store cards in our wallets. Also, we often end up using some cards more than the others. Find below a list of five cards that are popular among working women. We have covered clothes, travel, and food. Enjoy.


Starbucks loyalty card
Starbucks Rewards card

If your daily commute is incomplete without a hot cup of Starbucks coffee, then you must join their rewards card program without a doubt. Not only do they give you early access to their latest flavors and products, they also throw in some free drinks and special offers on your favorite items. With Starbucks Loyalty card, you first load money into your card using credit or debit card. You can also visit their store and pay cash. You need to load a minimum of  £5 when you register the card and the maximum you can load in a transaction is $150. That’s it, you are all set.

You get a star or a point per transaction and every 15 stars, you get a cup of your favorite drink free. Now if you cannot – start- my – day -without – a coffee type of girl, you are definitely going to cross the 50 cup mark, which earns you the Gold level membership. With Gold level, you get to top your drink with whipped cream, get extra shots of espresso. You also get free dairy alternatives like soy, almond or coconut. Tempting, isn’t it? Go register for the loyalty card and scan it into your Rewards Card app.

Marks and Spencers Sparks:

Just like Starbucks gives you ‘stars’, Marks and Spencer give you ‘sparks’ every time you shop there for your formal or casuals. The M & S Members club is free but offers significant benefits. You collect 10 sparks every time you shop or write a review, and 10 sparks every £1 you spend at their shop.  Collect 5000 points and skip lines during their sale (Love that!). 14000 sparks will get you invited to food and community events. You can also win a chance to win experiences at their HQ with 17000 sparks. They also have a social side to their membership scheme. Every time you shop, they donate to your chosen Sparks charity. Also, you earn 50 sparks when you Shwop, which is where you swap clothes.

Subway Subcard:

Enjoy your salad lunch or a quick sub from subway and you earn points for filling up your tummy. Register for their Subcard and receive 10 points for every £1 you spend.  For every 100 points, you can pick up a hot drink and 200 points can be redeemed for a snack. 500 points will get you a 6” sub and 1000 points will get you 12” sub. You can download their app or get our Rewards Card app and scan your loyalty card into it. Now every time you have your lunch, you use your loyalty card app to redeem your points.


We advise you to get  UK’s largest loyalty card scheme, Nectar, as soon as you move into the UK. It is unique because it can be used at multiple places and hence points stack up pretty quickly. In fact, Nectar cards can cover everything from grocery to movie tickets, making it one of the must-haves in your Reward cards app. You can also use nectar card points to buy tickets in a cinema and get a railcard and save 1/3rd of your cost. There are tons of ways to save money and get good stuff for free with Nectar loyalty scheme

So this is how it exactly works.

You will be benefited with 2 points for every £1 spent in Sainsbury’s, Homebase and BP petrol stations. Each point is worth half a penny. Each liter of fuel purchased will bring you a point.

Keep your eyes open

You can grab extra points when Shopping through nectar cards for Brands like Apple, Expedia, and EasyJet

Raise 50% when you visit  Pizza Express, Go Ape and loyalty points get doubled at LegolandWindsor or Madame Tussaud.


Well, this designer brand boasts of an A-list loyalty program, so when you spend £1 on ASOS you will be credited 05 pending points (Pending Voucher Points)  and 500 points can be easily exchanged for £5 ASOS voucher. This is  5% return on your spending which is pretty good!

You will be receiving vouchers monthly which will be valid for six months. They upgrade you to different levels based on the amount of shopping you do and how loyal you are to the brand. Here are the different levels.

Level 1: 15% off on your birthday

Level 2: double points

Level 3: 20% off on your birthday, four triple point days, 24 hours early access to sales and promotions

VVIP Level: Benefits of level 3 and 48 hours early access to sales and promotions.

ASOS has a strong and useful loyalty scheme which turns out to be an added advantage in your shopping spree.

Above mentioned loyalty cards are highly beneficial for a working woman in her daily routine. Of course, carrying the plastic version of these are a pain. They bulk up our wallets and make it difficult for us to find the right one for the store at the checkout counter. So use reward cards app to store these cards. It is the smart and the easy way of storing your loyalty cards.

Top 5 reasons to replace your Loyalty cards with an App

Here are some reasons to move your reward cards from your wallet to your phone!

Go have a look at your bulky wallet. Although we would want money to be the reason for it abnormal size, it’s a bunch of plastic cards that take the lion’s share. Nowadays, people keep multiple memberships or Loyalty cards or even Store cards and paper stamps in their purse or wallet with an aim to have savings while shopping. There are Supermarket loyalty cards, Subway cards, nectar cards, Tesco, Sainsbury, boots and the list continues. How about to just sum up all these cards clutter into one single Loyalty Cards app? Well, Reward Cards App is one such app which will clear the plastic cards mess from your wallet. This app is just the right way of saving your money on your shopping trips while keeping your wallets less messy. Free yourself from the burden of carrying all your loyalty and reward cards in your wallet by moving them to your phone.


Need more before you are convinced? Here are few more advantages of using an app for Reward cards.


Simplify your life:

Clutter breeds anxiety. Just think about the lightweight wallet or purse in your hand while you go out shopping. Carry the necessary cards i.e your credit and debit cards while you move your other plastic cards to our App. Everything from shopping loyalty cards to library memberships can be transferred to the Reward Cards App easily. It’s as simple as scanning it in using your phone camera. So next time you go shopping, you know if you have your phone, you have your loyalty cards too.


Easy scanning at checkout counters:

Unlike other Apps, Reward Card app gets scanned easily at all checkout counters of all stores which provide loyalty cards.

Don’t carry the clutter of your plastic cards or paper stamps and create unnecessary chaos at the checkout counter and hold up the line. No more struggling to pull your shopping cards from their narrow pockets, only to find it’s the wrong card for the store.


Never miss your points with a Loyalty card app:


Had a huge shopping haul but forget your loyalty card at home? Scanning your reward card into Reward Cards App keeps you away from the unwanted regret of not having your loyalty card when you need it to grab some shopping points. Also, we show you how many points you have on your card. So next time you go shopping, you know which store card is going to give you the best value for money. You can redeem your points for being a regular customer at your favorite store.


Get some serious savings when you use Loyalty cards:

Can you plastic cards send you updates on best deals in your city? Nope. But our Reward Cards App can! Get notifications for sales and sweet deals from your favorite stores. Save money while you enjoy shopping to your heart’s content.


Become Tech savvy:


Don’t carry a ring with your reward cards or worse, stuff them into your wallet! You will end up damaging them or losing them, both of which means that you miss out on your loyalty points. Also, having your loyalty cards on the phone means you have a secure backup for each of your card.


Stop thinking and just go for it! Download here to get started with your journey with Reward Cards APP.