How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members

How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members

How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members. Use the advice in the following paragraphs to learn what a gym rewards programme involves and how to develop a rewards programme for gym members in order to enhance gym membership. It need not be difficult to develop customer rewards programmes for gyms, but doing so is crucial for retaining gym patrons. The platform has several options to draw in and keep gym patrons if you’re looking for loyalty programme software for gyms.

A rewards system for gym patrons is a fantastic way to boost motivation and interact with patrons. A successful rewards programme for your fitness center can recognise devoted members, increase member retention, and attract new members to your clientele.How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members.

For making purchases or using their services, several companies offer rewards programmes. Customers and members appreciate being thanked or rewarded for their dedication or involvement. Fitness businesses may find it simple to capitalize on this trend and provide comparable programmes to gym patrons.How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members.

In this article, we’ll discuss the significance of rewards programmes for gym members, how to set one up, and some advice for those who are just getting started with rewards programmes.

The Reward Cards App platform gives you access to a range of tools for managing and expanding your fitness business. To learn more about these possibilities, request a demo of our product.

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What Is a Gym Loyalty Rewards Program?

An organized programme that rewards gym members is referred to as a gym rewards programme or a gym customer loyalty programme. Members of this programme may receive rewards for attendance, engagement, attaining particular objectives, spending, or other criteria.

Companies that issue credit cards have been providing rewards programmes for a long time. These programmes reward users for their purchases with cash back or points that can be exchanged for a variety of benefits. Some additionally give extra points for making particular purchases or reaching certain benchmarks. A fantastic method to apply what you learn from this model is to design a loyalty rewards programme for a fitness center.

Other companies, such as supermarkets, shops, and airlines, also provide customer loyalty or rewards programmes. They might provide incentives or rewards for making purchases, sticking to spending caps, or developing new behaviors like posting online reviews.

Members of gyms can participate in customer loyalty and rewards programmes that are similar to those offered by other businesses. Fitness firms prioritize rewarding customers for adopting particular healthy behaviours, participating in physical activity, or reaching their health objectives. Healthy members are a wonderful reason to implement a gym loyalty programme!

According to customer retention data, keeping a current gym member costs five times less than finding a new one. One of your fitness business’s greatest assets is a loyal membership base. It may take some planning and preparation time to offer a customer loyalty or gym rewards programme, but the time spent will be well worth it.

Fitness Customer Loyalty Software

The platform has several options to draw in and keep gym patrons if you’re looking for loyalty programme software for gyms. Any customer loyalty incentive software platform for fitness centers should include a comprehensive management of gym members over the course of the customer lifecycle.

Which gym client loyalty software is the best? It’s simple to choose the best loyalty software platform for sports, fitness, and gym facilities. To attract, engage, and keep more gym patrons, request a demo of the all-in-one fitness business management software platform right away.

Options to Track Gym Member Rewards


An easy approach to keep track of participation, interaction, purchases, or habits is through a points system. Having an automated system in place to track and manage points is beneficial when creating a points system. When a member enters your facility, for instance, their membership card is scanned, and points are immediately added to their account.

The good news is that a point system can be straightforward to use and that redemption can often be error-free. The point totals should be readily available to members at all times via a mobile app or web dashboard. The last thing you need is for staff to have to waste administrative time manually entering points or seeking up member point totals.

For instance, gym members might be awarded a particular number of points for taking part in group fitness classes, personal training sessions, retail purchases, online reviews of your club, social media interaction, or reaching fitness and health goals. These points can be exchanged for gifts, products from stores, gift cards, or other rewards.

Punch Cards

To keep track of visits or attendance, use a punch card or stamp card. A member receives an incentive after earning a predetermined number of punches or stamps (often 10–20). A member might get a water bottle, a free t-shirt, or a free group exercise class if they sign up for 20 group exercise sessions, for instance.

How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members
How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members

Renewal Rewards

When members renew their class passes or gym memberships, prizes are given. When a devoted customer renews an annual membership or a personal training package, this is a terrific way to keep them and reward them.

Workout Challenges

Workout challenges are a great way to engage the competitive nature of your gym’s patrons. These challenges can assist maintain member engagement and motivation so they continue to support your fitness facility. There are many different kinds of workout challenges, ranging from simple ones to more difficult ones.

How to Design a Gym Member Loyalty Program

Any business’s customers enjoy being acknowledged, praised, or given something for nothing. The first thing to think about is if your fitness business will benefit from a rewards or loyalty programme. If a rewards programme is not properly constructed, it can be time-consuming and expensive.

Making sure your rewards programme will help both your fitness business and your gym members is crucial. You don’t want to give a rewards programme that will cost you too much to manage, but you also don’t want to offer a programme that makes it too challenging for members to earn prizes, which would demotivate them.

Whether to charge for the rewards programme and the loyalty programme pricing is a crucial factor to take into account for your rewards programme. While making this decision, you must be aware of the finances and membership of your gym. For instance, you might charge members $25 to sign up for a three-month rewards programme but give all participants who finish the programme a t-shirt.

One of the various strategies you may use to market your fitness center or gym is a rewards programme. Here are some ideas and tactics to assist your gym members get the most out of your rewards or customer loyalty programme.

Do Your Research

It’s critical to comprehend the client loyalty and rewards programmes for gym patrons that your rivals are providing. Knowing your rivals will help you choose what you should offer in order to outperform or remain competitive.

Additionally, you want to do some study on how long it would take members to earn particular incentives or rewards. Offering a trial or short-term rewards programme to test the waters before launching a long-term rewards programme is one approach.

Have you previously provided rewards programmes? Did they succeed or fail, and if so, why? Utilize all available data to guide the design of your incentives programme for gym members.

Survey Your Members

It’s critical to know what incentives and prizes your members will value and enjoy. You have the option of conducting a member survey utilizing an email-based questionnaire or by chatting with members informally about the prizes they would want to receive.

How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members
How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members

Keep it Simple

Choose prizes that your members will appreciate, as was previously discussed. The more straightforward the earning and using of points or punches are, the better.

Customers can earn points for all purchases made through the Reward Cards App through a straightforward rewards scheme. When using an RC card instead of a debit card or cash, users can receive extra points and earn more points overall. The points redemption process and programme are very simple to understand.

Use Rewards That Benefit Your Business

Offer rewards like a free personal training session, a group exercise class, or a gift card for the products in your business. When members are informed of new opportunities in your industry, they may be more likely to purchase additional sessions and make financial investments in your business. Retail products are an excellent marketing and advertising technique for your fitness business.

Consider a Timeline to Earn Rewards

If you’re using a punch card or point system, allowing members three to six months to earn incentives or rewards is a decent place to start. This might become expensive if there are too many members receiving prizes each month. Members of the gym can give up if it takes longer than six months to receive an incentive.

Use Multiple Methods of Communication

It’s crucial to spread the word about your incentives system. There are several locations to advertise, such as your business, social media, emails, or mobile app notifications. You can decide to place a table by the entrance to advertise your rewards programme and post details on your Instagram account.

All staff and members should be informed of the specifics and fine print of the rewards program’s rules. To spread the news about your rewards programme or customer loyalty programme, communication is crucial.

How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members
How to Create a Rewards Program for GYM Members

Educate Your Staff

The most interaction between fitness personnel and gym patrons typically occurs. Make sure that specialists on your staff are appropriately taught in the specifics and guidelines of your rewards programme. Ensure that employees are able to respond to typical inquiries from members regarding your rewards programme.

During the onboarding process, gym personnel can explain the specifics of your gym rewards programme or customer loyalty programme to new members. New members can be kept engaged and motivated if they immediately feel welcomed into the gym’s community.

Offer Referral Rewards

Referral incentives present a chance to increase the number of gym memberships sold and expand your clientele. This kind of rewards programme might be your primary focus if expanding your membership base is one of your most important objectives.

Both the current member who recommended the new member and the new member who was referred to your gym can gain from referral bonuses. For instance, you could provide both the new member and the current member with a complimentary personal training session. Alternatively, you might provide both members with a discounted monthly membership rate.

Partnerships Can Pay Off

Partnerships with nearby companies or community groups to provide incentives or prizes are fantastic possibilities. To provide incentives and rewards that are related to health or fitness, you can collaborate with a nearby massage therapist, spa, or retailer of running gear. Ideally, these companies will repay the favour by recommending new members to you or collaborating with you in the future.

Track Rewards and Incentives

Create reports on a weekly or monthly basis to see how many members are using their rewards, how much it costs, and whether there is a profit. If you spend $1,000 per month on rewards, for instance, but your membership base has grown by 2% from the previous month, what gives? The two main methods for figuring out how well your software is performing are report generation and incentive tracking.

The Bottom Line: Setting Up a Great Rewards Program for Gym Members

Typically, loyalty and incentives programmes benefit all parties involved. The secret to implementing a customer loyalty or appealing reward programme at your gym is organization, preparation, and research. Assess what your competitors are offering and solicit suggestions from members and staff.

Your rewards programme for gym members may need to undergo minor adjustments as needed. To analyze your rewards programme for gym members, use reporting and tracking.

Gym membership retention, attraction, and rewards all benefit your company. Members feel valued, and these programmes can boost your financial results. Read this article on gym culture and member retention for even additional strategies.


What is the most important thing about starting a rewards program for gym members?

Before starting a gym incentives programme, do your homework. It’s critical to comprehend the costs involved as well as what the members will value and enjoy. Offering a good incentive or customer loyalty programme requires careful planning.

What are the benefits of a customer loyalty program for gym members?

Current gym patrons can be rewarded and recognised with the aid of a strong customer loyalty programme. This offers a chance to maintain motivation while enabling fitness staff and experts to interact with members. A successful programme can also increase the number of members in your gym by bringing in new people.

What are the best incentives for a rewards or customer loyalty program?

It’s crucial to be aware of your gym membership base at this point. You might offer retail bucks or 50% off one retail item if you have a fantastic range of retail clothing. Water bottles, gift cards for massages, free personal training sessions, and coupons or certificates for fitness apparel are some additional options.

Rewards programmes for gym patrons are an excellent way to expand and manage your fitness business, and a good fitness business management system can make it simple and effective for you to keep track of your rewards programme. If you want to sample our gym management software and grow your fitness business, click here get your free demo today!

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