Loyalty Cards App

It takes a business more efforts to acquire a new customer (takes 5-10 times more effort) than to sell to an existing customer. So, figuring out a way for your current customer to keep coming back to you makes a lot of sense. Although we have seen business employ a few innovative techniques, we have found that loyalty cards are one of the best ways for a thriving business to thank its customers. The popularity of loyalty programs and reward cards are mainly due to fact that they benefit the business much as they benefit the customer. The customer gets paid back in points which in turn they can use to redeem discounts or free gifts. So technically, customers get paid for their loyalty towards the brand.

The business, on the other hand, ensures that the customer prefers to shop with them rather than their competitors because of the added benefits that the customer gets by using the loyalty card assigned to them. This being a win-win situation has been one of the major contributing factors in large number or small and big businesses adopting loyalty card programs.

Many loyalty programs give off special discounts or pre-launch products exclusively for customers enrolled in the loyalty program. This not only lets them test out the popularity of the newly released products but gives them a better idea about their product reception. The customers, on the other hand, enjoy the exclusivity of the event and the discounts. This again encourages loyalty towards the brand and increases sales. Beauty loyalty programs like the one offered at Debenhams involves sending wishes to their customers on their birthday and offer free facials and eyebrow waxing! Talk about pampering your loyal customers! A little treat like this goes a long way in customer retention and customer loyalty.

Picking up loyalty cards at places that you shop often is a good investment and with so many business offering loyalty cards, it is quite easy to enrol in the benefits of a loyalty program. But do not fret about these cards bulking up your wallet. We have the best solution in the form of Reward Cards App. This is the best Loyalty card wallet in the market today, available both on Android phones as well as iPhone. Reward cards App lets you scan your loyalty cards into your phone and store them there, freeing up much-needed space in your wallet or purse. You can use our app to scan in your loyalty card at the counter. An easy and Smart way of shopping, isn’t it?

Download the Reward Cards App in the App Store or Play Store to start the excited shopping experience.