Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty


Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty. A hotel rewards programme is unquestionably a worthwhile investment for your company. If your hotel cherishes its clients, it’s only natural to thank them for choosing your establishment over others.

Providing prizes that improve their current stay or provide them an even quality time in the future one is one method to show your appreciation for their business.

Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty. Of course, the goal is to reassure the visitor that they made the proper choice and that they should come to your company again and again.

However, hotel rewards programmes can take many various shapes, and there are many unique ways to increase visitor loyalty at your hotel — and each guest is unique, so they will respond differently.

Is pricing, elegance, or value for the money more important to your guests? Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty.

This article will walk you through one of the most important factors to consider when building rewards and loyalty programs for your hotel, so you can attract more repeat customers.

Do you require a hotel loyalty programme?

Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty
Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty

In the end, you must decide what your hotel requires, although there are a number of advantages to implementing a loyalty program or hotel rewards program.

  • Increased revenue — Returning guests are definitely pleased with the service they receive, and they are more willing to spend more money on bonuses and luxuries. Customers will be eager to keep spending the money if you demonstrate expertise time after time more.
  • Cost-effectiveness — Attempting to get new guests puts a greater pressure on your sales and marketing activities than capturing returning guests. Highly loyal clients are also more inclined to book your hotel rather than through an online booking agent, saving you revenue on commission.
  • Valuable insights – Having customers in a loyalty programme allows you to create more accounts with more data than before. Understanding their choices, hobbies, and lifestyle might bring in new customers who are ideal for your resort.
  • Improved guest experience – A loyalty program ensures that frequent visitors to your property are never forgotten. Their choices will be noticed and accommodated, resulting in a more streamlined and pleasurable vacation.
  • Enhanced reservations — The promise of rewards or immediate perks might often be enough to convince uncertain visitors. In this respect, a loyalty program is important not only for maintaining the guests you’ve already gained, but also for drawing new ones.
  • Corporate Advantages  – Many corporations, travel administrators, and organisers will choose hotels that provide loyalty programmes since they are the most likely to come back to the same venues on a frequent basis.

What is the Definition of the Best Hotel Rewards Program?

Definition of Hotel Rewards Program. Today, the much more prevalent loyalty scheme has guests earning points that they can then redeem for various advantages.

Although, this is not always the best solution, and there are no restrictions on the type of loyalty program you can implement as long as it benefits long-term clients and contributes to a successful image of your property.

20% of users do not join loyalty programs because the incentives do not excite their attention.

60% want to be permitted to determine their own rewards programs. 

Keep in mind that each passenger is unique, and personalization is essential. The ideal rewards programme will take advantage of this and succeed in building loyalty.

The top programmes manage to break through and distinguish out in an oversaturated market. It’s critical to evaluate the mindset of the visitor who walks in the door and plan how you’ll meet their specific wants.

Loyalty without a guest loyalty programme

Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty
Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty

To build and nurture hotel loyalty programs for your property, you don’t necessarily need a guest loyalty programme. It is necessary to have a loyalty programme in order for guests to return, but it is wonderful to show your thanks to them.

So, what’s the best way to increase client loyalty? Here are some suggestions for converting a one-time visitor into a loyal, frequent visitor. 

1. Be a global player both online and off

In a globe that is more interlinked than before, it is more critical than before to respond to the needs and desires of all possible visitors – many of whom will not communicate your language.

According to Forbes, 72 per cent of customers prefer to shop in their mother tongue and keep in mind that English is not the main language in 57 per cent of the fastest in the world markets. While the majority of people today understand English, they want to know that you are thinking about their requirements and are happy to launch them. This indicates that you really should explore not just hiring multilingual employees, but also improving your website by producing many localized versions.

The capacity to serve international markets and spot trends among your consumers will enhance your reputation as a global player and demonstrate your willingness to include your consumers’ needs into your customer relationship management plan.

Making your website user-friendly while also having the greatest pricing, accessibility, and great offers, as well as offering potential visitors with world-class amenities they want, is all it takes online. An easy-to-use website can significantly increase direct bookings.

2. Personalize the consumer experience

A competent hotel or nice hotel personnel with accurate info on hand may frequently be a dealmaker or a deal-breaker when visiting exotic regions where you do not really know your way about.

Guests appreciate being well taken care of. They will remember and be more likely to return if you pamper them with unique experiences, such as customised offers and individualised leisure possibilities. Staff politeness was cited as a key quality by 87 per cent of those polled in a State of Tourism Poll.

By examining their statistics in your properties management platform, you can frequently create a profile of your customers and determine the reasons for their visits. Verify, on the other hand, is an ideal moment for your employees to learn more about your visitors’ travel plans; are they on a business meeting or a romantic weekend getaway? Or are they just enjoying a nice vacation with their entire family? Once you’ve figured out what they’re pursuing, put that knowledge to good use and make things work for you.

3. Reward customer loyalty

Because acquiring a new customer can price five to nine times as much as selling to a current customer, hotels must do all possible to keep their present visitors pleased and returning by rewards programme.

For instance, loyalty programmes that provide guests incentives, bonuses, and other advantages can add significant value to a customer’s experience – and, as a result, to your bottom line.

Things are important to keep in mind to make it personalized. Hotel owners can gain consumers and encourage them to return by focusing on creating rewards specific and relevant, delivering in-the-moment available benefits, and altering customer satisfaction.

Customer support and the user experience remain central to the hospitality sector, so don’t be hesitant to invest in the solutions that will help your hotel run more smoothly.

Tips & Tricks for Hotel Customer Loyalty Programs

There are a few basic guidelines to follow when attempting to establish an effective client loyalty programme. The following are some pointers to bear in mind:

Make your rewards system as personalised as feasible so that your individuals feel special.

  • If you’re going to use a points system, ensure there are a variety of awards to pick from so your users don’t become bored.
  • Make special offers to members that aren’t part of the regular programme.
  • Rather than using general or conventional approaches, develop relevant and appealing reward schemes (try to steer clear of the standard points system)
  • Keep in touch with your customers. Use one-click emails on a regular basis, and always provide options for people to get the most out of the programme.
  • Make the procedure of claiming or redeeming your prize as straightforward and quick as feasible.

The more participants you get in your loyalty program, the better because you can then begin seeking feedback from them. They’ll be much more inclined to write nice reviews about your resort on sites such as TripAdvisor, which will assist you to attract additional customers.

Enhanced accommodation offers some great chances to acquire insight from consumers about how you might improve guest satisfaction. More guests will also want to enrol in your reward programme if you enhance the customer experience.

Factors Affecting Hotel Loyalty

Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty
Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty

There are very few variables today that is more significant than your hotel’s online brand presence. Your hotel will not be able to catch the number of bookings required to run a business unless it has a well-established and positive image on the internet, where a large number of tourists conduct their trip researching and booking.

With each new committed guest you gain, your reputation will improve. Individual perception is always at the root of the elements determining this guest’s loyalty.

For example, a luxury tourist who spends a lot of money on a hotel each night is unlikely to be pleased with a tiny reduction on his or her next stay because the money isn’t as important to him/her. This is going to be successful.

Whenever you give a consumer just like, or any consumer, a service that exceeds their standards, you’ll earn their loyalty. To do so, you must first get to know the customer. You must be aware of their routines, hobbies, and choices, among other things. With this data, you can come up with ways to shock the customer and go far beyond their expectations. And that is where loyalty begins to blossom since it demonstrates that they are valued and respected on a personal level.

Minor things can make a big difference. For example, if visitors are used to paying for items like phone chargers, internet, or other amenities like printers, and then find themself in a facility where these things are provided for free, they may be affected. When people go on vacation, these are their basic wants, and if the hotel meets them without requesting additional money, it can be enough to earn loyalty.

If necessary, increase lodging fees to cover additional costs, but make new amenities free.

Is Guest Loyalty Dying?

Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty
Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty

Today’s traveller’s habits, opinions, and aspirations are continually shifting. When you combine this with a severe case of branding saturation, it’s no surprise that many people believe loyalty is dead. While it’s an exaggeration to claim hotel loyalty is dead, it’s clearly not what it used to be.

According to a study, most program participants aren’t extremely active, and activity drops by about 2.5 per cent per year.

It is, nevertheless, still significant. The notion of loyalty programmes is actually pretty effective, and more than a third of visitors think they are good for cutting costs or receiving additional value.

The idea is still alive, but outdated approaches are on their way out. It’s more crucial than ever to provide a positive experience because loyalty is only as good as the experience itself. There’s no number of loyalty points that could persuade someone who has had a bad experience to return.

Hotels that are unique and personalised. The majority of loyalty programmes are administered by big chains and provide a point-based reward system that is uninspired to most guests. There is still life in loyalty programmes if hotels get it properly!

Hotel Customer Loyalty

Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty
Amazing Story Of Hotel Rewards And Guest Loyalty

The excellent news is that you most likely already have a solid consumer base. They are those who want to vacation in the same place every year and book the very same hotel, or business trips who visit the area and always book the hotel that best suits their needs for convenience.

It’s crucial to acknowledge these visitors, and recognising them will only improve your bond and boost their willingness to promote your hotel.

Some people have a stronger affinity for loyalty programmes than others. Let’s take a look at the various people that could benefit from loyalty rewards.

The Conservative Family

  • 16% of global consumers
  • 52% male
  • Average age: 37 years old
  • Household income: US$41,230

Conservative families are frequently concerned with personal matters such as home, children, and religion. They aren’t extremely fashion conscious or commercial, and they rarely make spontaneous purchases. Their friends and family have the greatest influence on them.

3 things that Motivate

  • Value for money (58%)
  • Trying new products and services (57%)
  • Low prices (50%)

3 things that influences

  • Recommendations from friends and family (49%)
  • Independent reviews (39%)
  • Traditional marketing (30%)
  • Social media (30%)