Top 5 reasons to replace your Loyalty cards with an App

Here are some reasons to move your reward cards from your wallet to your phone!

Go have a look at your bulky wallet. Although we would want money to be the reason for it abnormal size, it’s a bunch of plastic cards that take the lion’s share. Nowadays, people keep multiple memberships or Loyalty cards or even Store cards and paper stamps in their purse or wallet with an aim to have savings while shopping. There are Supermarket loyalty cards, Subway cards, nectar cards, Tesco, Sainsbury, boots and the list continues. How about to just sum up all these cards clutter into one single Loyalty Cards app? Well, Reward Cards App is one such app which will clear the plastic cards mess from your wallet. This app is just the right way of saving your money on your shopping trips while keeping your wallets less messy. Free yourself from the burden of carrying all your loyalty and reward cards in your wallet by moving them to your phone.


Need more before you are convinced? Here are few more advantages of using an app for Reward cards.


Simplify your life:

Clutter breeds anxiety. Just think about the lightweight wallet or purse in your hand while you go out shopping. Carry the necessary cards i.e your credit and debit cards while you move your other plastic cards to our App. Everything from shopping loyalty cards to library memberships can be transferred to the Reward Cards App easily. It’s as simple as scanning it in using your phone camera. So next time you go shopping, you know if you have your phone, you have your loyalty cards too.


Easy scanning at checkout counters:

Unlike other Apps, Reward Card app gets scanned easily at all checkout counters of all stores which provide loyalty cards.

Don’t carry the clutter of your plastic cards or paper stamps and create unnecessary chaos at the checkout counter and hold up the line. No more struggling to pull your shopping cards from their narrow pockets, only to find it’s the wrong card for the store.


Never miss your points with a Loyalty card app:


Had a huge shopping haul but forget your loyalty card at home? Scanning your reward card into Reward Cards App keeps you away from the unwanted regret of not having your loyalty card when you need it to grab some shopping points. Also, we show you how many points you have on your card. So next time you go shopping, you know which store card is going to give you the best value for money. You can redeem your points for being a regular customer at your favorite store.


Get some serious savings when you use Loyalty cards:

Can you plastic cards send you updates on best deals in your city? Nope. But our Reward Cards App can! Get notifications for sales and sweet deals from your favorite stores. Save money while you enjoy shopping to your heart’s content.


Become Tech savvy:


Don’t carry a ring with your reward cards or worse, stuff them into your wallet! You will end up damaging them or losing them, both of which means that you miss out on your loyalty points. Also, having your loyalty cards on the phone means you have a secure backup for each of your card.


Stop thinking and just go for it! Download here to get started with your journey with Reward Cards APP.


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