Why you need to visit Sainsbury’s this Weekend

Sainsbury’s are the second largest Supermarket and one of the best supermarkets in the UK. Most commonly people have “Shopping Sainsbury groceries” on their to-do list. It’s easier when you can shop at Sainsbury’s online. So, let’s get to know what’s going on with Sainsbury’s nowadays.

Sainsbury's Supermarket

School Shopping at Sainsbury’s

Its Summer in UK and Schools are just about to open. Are you ready with everything for your school? Did you shop for your school uniform yet? If not hurry, Sainsbury’s are giving 25% off on TU clothing School Uniforms and various other important school supplies for your new term. The vast range includes from Polos, shirts & blouses, dresses & pinafores, trousers, Sportswear & PE kits to Jumpers and cardigans, shoes to bags and stationeries.  Don’t forget to use your Nectar card and make sure you do not miss this sale which is till 20th August.

Shop at Sainsbury’s without passing through checkout counters.

You must know that your favorite supermarket has come up with this new technology where they are giving their customers to try an advanced technique of shopping without checkout. Shoppers can now avoid the checkout queue by simply using their smartphone. Sainsbury’s new technology is creating the amaze waves among the shopper as they have to just shop scan and pay. No more lining up at checkout counters. Just scan your shopping and pay through the Smartshop App and Apple pay inside the shop itself. Enjoy effortless shopping. Sainsbury is finally counting on the feedback from Clapham branch, If its positive maybe it will be rolled out in other branches as well.

Clodagh Moriarty, said, “Technology and changing customer shopping habits have transformed the way people buy their groceries. “Our teams are constantly working hard to bring new convenient shopping experiences to customers, and we’re delighted to be the first grocery retailer in the UK to offer customers the ability to shop checkout-free.

Sainsburys Supermarket

Sainsbury’s and Morrisons WhatsApp Scam

Shoppers are receiving fake WhatsApp messages offering 150. These messages include a link which gathers a user’s email address, residential address, contact no in exchange of gift. Upon completion of a survey, they are asking to spread the link among their contacts. Authority at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have claimed these messages to be a hoax.

Products Recall from Sainsbury’s

Busy shoppers miss the products recall notice which indeed should be taken care of at most urgent basis. Recently Sainsbury’s have taken food and drink items of shelves due to incorrect labeling and health risk of people covering allergy issues. EH-Booth Sandwiches, Cake Zones Muffins, lo-col cheese, Co-op hoisin noodles box, granulated sugar, Sainsbury’s breakfast biscuits, Asco Dee Thai Crispy Rolls- Durian Flavour, Tropicana Multivitamins Juice, Quorn Gluten Free Burgers.

You can always use the Reward Cards App while shopping at Sainsburys and Morrisons. This will help you to get a smooth checkout.



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